LA SAUCE (2018)

Calles, pasillos, cables, sauces, casas, una biblioteca.
Transformar un espacio de circulación en un espacio de manifestación.
De día y de noche; con los ruidos, las palabras, la música y el silencio se crea un tejido.
Perforar, respirar, componer. Encontrar un ritmo compartido.

Three images and six women, part of the Biblioteca Popular Club de Madres, located in Beccar, a neighborhood in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They share their stories while embroidering together with the public images of the neighbourhood, the library and their shared experiences with their community.

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Trillions of men and women
mock’d with bodies and souls.
Nothing but ashes
of teachers and artists.
Let him who is without poems
be assassinated.
Let a Dwarf pass
To other spheres.

– Excerpts of "Respondez" by Walt Whitman


The music of Schumann's "Chopin" (Carnaval op. 9) and Schönberg's "Valse de Chopin" (Pierrot Lunaire) mix and serve as the basis and starting point for new sounds. Echoes of past music sound in the piano and echo in all instruments. At the same time one learns what life is like at the end of the earth. How do you push the boundaries? How do our steps sound on the ice of the Antarctic? With which colours does the dry wind blow in inhospitable areas? Art consists in designing the brands of the soles of our shoes so that they weave other networks that enable us to link tradition with the end of the world: a desert that is as hostile as it is fertile.


Argentina / 1929 / 60´ / 16mm / B&W / Spanish Intertitles
Director: Nelo Cosimi

The story of two lovers who travel to the hills of Cordoba to rest from the lights of the city not only mixes the essential ingredients of melodrama, but opens an unexpected page in their lives, full of darkness and suspense.